Dr Joel Kaplan Erection Lasso Beige Sex Toy Product

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Dr Joel Kaplan Erection Lasso Beige

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Product Details

  • Weight: 0.30 Ounces
  • Length: 4.75 Inches
  • Features: Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Adjustable - A toy that can be loosened or tightened for various degrees of tension.
  • Materials: Latex
    Latex - A natural or artificial rubber substance that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Liquid Latex is a liquid form of latex painted directly on the body. The majority of fetish garments are made of latex.
  • Color: Yellow
  • Manufacturer: Cal Exotics
  • Brand: Dr Joel Kaplan
  • UPC: 716770034397
  • SKU: SE5651-00
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Product Description

  • Endorsed by Dr. Joel Kaplan
  • Fully adjustable enhancers are comfortable and easily removed
  • Surgical grade Latex
  • 4.75”/12 cm

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10 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2014
It Helped
It helped me last longer which pleased my wife. Price was good. Stand up if you are going to put your scrotums in the loop, let gravity assist. I recommend shaving so the hairs do not get tangled in the loop because you might have to roll the loop. Just testing I was able to leave it on for about two hours before some irritation set in.
Limberdick Verified Buyer
Mar 25, 2014
Put's The Lead back in Your Pencil....
I was a bit skeptical at first but after my 2nd and 3rd tries it does enhance things.... Kind of trail and error with adjustment, if you get it too tight it won't allow anything in/out.... Once I found that ideal place it added to my manhood and my orgasms were really improved and greater in volume. I would recommend this you may want to shave down there as it will pull and pinch the hairs (it's bearable but detracts from the experience).
lady Verified Buyer
Mar 13, 2014
erection lasso
My husband likes this lasso tie
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 28, 2013
Pretty good
Tails could be a bit longer and make sure you do some serious manscaping. Watch out for pinching too, Ouch!
AtxJ Verified Buyer
Mar 25, 2012
Tie Me Up and Watch Me Grow!
Wow after rings that not only failed to fit, but didn't stay snug enough to do the job, this product is everything Dr. Joel claims! I was very pleased with the obvious ease of design for installation and removal, and the way constructed made it easy to snug and comfortable without pinching. Best part is the results were quickly visible with increased vessel presence and enlargement which over time is making me have both a better erection as well as a more noticeable one! Through repeated usage one will definitely build more girth, have a more vivid appearance and actually improves my prior slow to rise. Thanks Dr for a better rise!
Unsatisfied Verified Buyer
Oct 31, 2011
Not what I expected~
The adjustable ring is not as stretchy as I anticipated and I don't like the material and the rope that comes down is not what it appeared to be on the site. The bead is way bigger than it looked too. The sizing was not what I wanted. All wrong entirely. I can not use this.
Greatimes Verified Buyer
Jul 15, 2011
Works great
I used for the first time last night and it was good. It made the vanes stand out and I was rock hard and it intensified the sensitivity by a lot. If you last longer with more pleasure I would get it. I used it on both my balls and cock. It just fit but I'm on the large side so there should be no problem with the size.
cossmoo Verified Buyer
Jul 30, 2010
better than the blue pill
I wanted something that will work right away. Someone told me that this works a lot better right away. I will tell every one about this. I ordered it on Wednesday, it came on Saturday. One thing if you have a lot pubic hairs like I do, pull them out of your way. 100% works, love it, thanks Dr Joel Kaplan!
Little Red Verified Buyer
Jul 12, 2010
Adjustable Delight
Excellent ring. A great way to cinch your lover into submission. The only drawback was when I slipped the bead to far down the ring and it popped off. I wasn't able to get it back on, but luckily they don't cost a fortune so I had a backup!
Matt & Krissie Verified Buyer
Jul 7, 2005
Review of SE5651-00
I would say that I have an average size cock. 8 inches and about 5 inches around. Who doesnt like making his girlfriends pussy wetter with a harder cock? I bought the Erection Lasso hoping to do just that. Here is her review: It was definetly a good purchase. It was hard all the time instead of when you just flexed your cock. Seeing your the veins in your cock full of blood, feeling your head throbbing, and just being rammed by your hard rod felt so good. I could feel all of your veins like ridges on your cock. The head of your cock felt swollen and I loved feeling it deep in my pussy, and your cock itself seemed bigger around. I didnt like it being in the way of me deepthroating you though. Well guys, there ya have it...A+ review from the girlfriend.

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